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A new time measurement.
One time for the world.
Discover Globetime.
A new time measurement.
One time for the world.
Discover Globetime.
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globetime. one earth. one time.

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This is the current Globetime. This new time measurement in time-degrees shows the rotation of the earth opposite to the sun. The 0° is in the Pacific, opposite to the Greenwich Prime Meridian.

When +1 shows, Globetime is already in the next day. Globetime is ahead of you because the “global day” starts at the International Date Line in the Pacific Ocean.

The globe reproduces the earth rotation virtually. Running counterclockwise, the blue ribbon circling around the globe indiquates Globetime and the progress of the earth rotation. A full day is completed at 360°.

This is your local/computer time. Against the multiple, ever-changing local times, Globetime is the ultimate time benchmark for easy planning and international communication.

This is your location. No matter where you and others are, Globetime serves as a reference time for all.

Access to GPS is denied. Please go to the Settings and switch it on.

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  • New York

    New York

    Time in New York Minutes of Time in New York Hours of Time in New York


  • Bern


    Time in Bern Minutes of Time in Bern Hours of Time in Bern


  • Sydney


    Time in Sydney Minutes of Time in Sydney Hours of Time in Sydney


When the local time is %s in Sydney, it is %s in Berne, and %s in New York. It is also %s° Globetime - for everyone.
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About Globetime

Globetime is a new way to measure time. How does it work?

Our planet is a rotating ball.

Opposite to the sun, the Earth completes a full turn in one day revolving around its own axis. This is a 360° rotation in 24h. The angle speed of the Earth relative to the sun is therefore 15° per hour.

Illustration 1

The world wakes up in the Pacific.

Our world makes every new day start at the International Date Line (IDL) in the middle of the Pacific. Geometrically, it is the longitude opposite to the GMT Prime Meridian. For Globetime, the IDL is the 0°, it is where the “global day” starts.

Illustration 2

Basic geometry to measure time.

Globetime's unit of measurement is the “time degree”, whereby 1° equals 4 minutes, 15° one hour, and 300° 20h. Globetime is a geometric approximation of the Earth rotation. Its calculation is based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Illustration 3

Globetime. One time for the world.

There is one Earth. Why not have one time we all share, wherever we are? makes sense: Be it here or there, one thing happens only once, at one specific moment. is useful: while local times will always be used for local things, communication between different time zones will be more simple with Globetime.

Globetime stands for truly global thinking as it represents one new time for the world.

About us


Pierre-André Cordey

UX, design and development for iPhone and web:

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